When sourcing a general contractor for your next project, are you considering one who can self-perform?

Cloud Construction & Cloud Facilities Maintenance are powered by the Fleet Team, an on-call collection of dependable trade partners servicing the southeastern United States with a goal of national expansion.

What is the benefit of using a self-performing general contractor? Here are five ways that you can benefit from using Cloud on your next project:


At Cloud, job site safety is a top priority. Protecting our trade partners means protecting the job site, which results in a higher quality outcome for our clients.

• Robust internal safety planning & protocols
• Familiarity with risk mitigation on the job site, as well as associated costs
• Control over safety training & implementation

Rather than putting trust and safety in the hands of a third-party contractor with unknown resources, Cloud has the ability to manage and minimize risks for our own personnel — on our own job sites. We’re creating peace of mind for our clients by self-performing trades with a special focus on safety.


When working with a self-performing general contractor, time is on your side. Providing in-house solutions gives Cloud the ability to manage time-sensitive factors including:

• Efficient work from highly-skilled tradespeople
• Schedule controls that minimize delays
• Increased communication & responsiveness
• Dedicated, reliable transportation with equipment

These variables are something we deal with in the construction environment with consistency. Accessing on-call, in-house services allow us to save time on your project, bringing you the peace of mind that you need to be successful. Speed is just one of the ways we are bringing efficiency to your project through self-performance.

We’re on your side, too.


qual•i•ty | noun | “the degree of excellence of something”

We work according to our values. At Cloud, we embody precision, creativity, and teamwork, leading to quality in everything that we do.

Performance can be difficult to manage when outsourcing your projects to third-party trades. That’s why we created our in-house Fleet Team, to provide you the level of quality you’re looking for when sourcing solutions. We prioritize this for our clients by:
👉 Maintaining strict adherence to our own quality standards
👉 Planning precise, accurate solutions to issues
👉 Developing our skills through complex training measures

If you’re needing a general contractor that can perform quality work – not just manage it – Cloud is here for you.


We could all use a little peace of mind these days.

With the ability to provide quality through training & development, control schedules and communication, as well as leverage in-house knowledge, we’re ready to bring you the certainty you deserve.

It’s why we created the Fleet Team – to provide you with on-call, dependable trade partners when you need them most. Never worry about the negative implications of unreliable trade performance again.


Stewardship and integrity are two values that we lead with at our companies every day. We treat each opportunity with the care it deserves, creating a better outcome for everyone.

When we say we want to be your “trusted” self-performing general contractor, we mean it. By managing projects from start to finish, including performing the work in between, we are able to build credibility and rapport with clients. This helps us craft stronger bids, strengthen schedule controls and lower budget concerns, and manage intentional relationships on your next project. You can also trust us to be your facilities maintenance provider past the construction cycle, further strengthening our relationship with you.

We are in the business of building relationships. We want you to know that you can trust Cloud to manage your next project.